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Bite Me

or I'll bite you :P


Hello :D
My name is Paloma and I am currently "working" (student style) at Liberty High School.....I say working because even if I am not getting paid, I am commiting myself to a job several hours a day 5 times a week. I think that I have learned alot since this past august, which was when I was kicked out of the school for a 3 month period of time because I spoke my mind too much. It got out of hand and I made a fool of myself. I decided that if I wanted to graduate and get a good paying job, I would have to act like I was treated - a young adult. I have taught myself to be more patient, cooperative, kind, and I have learned to work well with others. Although it has been rough so far, I believe that I have broken out of my confinement shell..the shell that said "Leave me alone, I work by myself only".....I think I could be a great team player and I think I can talk well with others. Instead of blaming people, I spoke in general terms to avoid useless conflicts. I speak to my teachers on a regular basis as though they are my friends, and I say this because I don't see myself as a common teenager....I see myself as a human being who has learned alot in a very short period of time :D
For those of you who don't like something I say, let me know in an adult manner. For those of you who don't like the way I look, don't look at my photos. For those of you who do not understand me, if you feel like it, I suggest you read my journal....I suggest you to read my Journal because I have been on a long journey that I never knew I was on...and I'm not finished yet! I am still learning, so please understand that. Thank you for stopping by and please have a nice day :D

About who I am:

I enjoy drinking, writing poetry, golfing, bowling, fishing, and: watching golf, basketball, baseball and a few other sports :D
I enjoy ALOT music....rap, rock, pop, hip hop, techno, classical, 80's, and some other stuff :)
I enjoy reality tv....more than I used to I can say.
I love the phone :D I love talking to good friends, David is my most frequent called friend.
I love forensics and such...I want to be a Crime Scene Investigator. I hate math, so CSI is not an option :P I think I'd be a wonderful Telemarketer rofl
I am Bisexual.....Whether you believe it or not, it is who I am...and only I can tell someone who I am, nobody is making decisions or proclaimations about me but me.
I am very apologetic. I will admit when I am wrong, and if I offend you I will say sorry.
I will never back down on something I say just because someone doesn't agree with or believe it....There is a difference between saying "Jesus raped me." and "I hate Jesus and will never believe in him.".....one is a very inappropriate stupid comment and the other is a rightfully said opinion/belief....You cannot change or take away my said beliefs. If you don't agree with them, change the topic or don't talk about the same thing again.
BTW - Do not judge me or decide whether you are friends with me by the way I believe things....(ie, Don't say you won't be my friend because I am Bisexual, don't believe in God, and don't have a problem with inter-racial relationships.) I will not do that at all either, I never planned on it.
I think I am a good person, and if you think I am not, do not go off telling people I am rude, stupid, ugly, etc....just because that is your opinion, doesn't mean they will think the same, and that prevents me from meeting new and completely awesome people. The adult way to talk about someone (if there is one at all) is to say that it is YOUR opinion and only yours.Period.

Like I said, have a nice day!!

Remember this, though, I will not change myself for you.

My Photos

Status: Single


Color: Lime Green
Clothing: Casual
Shampoo: Suave (Coconut)
Hobby: Reading, writing poetry
TV Show: Will & Grace, Average Joe, Everybody Love Raymond
Type Of Shoe: Knee-high boots, converse
Bands: The White Stripes,En Vogue, Dandy Warhols, Outkast
Singer: Tori Amos, Dido
Actor: Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt
Actress: Julia Roberts, Megan Mullaly


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